LIFE Impetus at the 2017 EIP Water Conference, Porto

LIFE Impetus at the 2017 EIP Water Conference, Porto

The LIFE Impetus project participated on the side event entitled “The LIFE programme: funding opportunities & innovative solutions on wastewater treatment”, organized by EASME. The event took place on 26 September. This event aimed to showcase and disseminate a selection of the latest and most replicable solutions developed by LIFE in the field of wastewater treatment. Additionally, the side event included presentations on the LIFE program’s topics in the water sector for the following years as well as a slot on LIFE funding opportunities and future call for projects.

1.ª oficina colaborativa do projeto LIFE Impetus

1st Collaborative Workshop of the LIFE Impetus project

A 12 de julho de 2017 realizou-se no Centro de Congressos do LNEC a 1.ª Oficina de Trabalho Colaborativo do projeto europeu LIFE Impetus – Improving current barriers for controlling pharmaceutical compounds in urban wastewater treatment plants. Esta oficina reuniu o painel de stakeholders, constituído por elementos representativos do setor da água e de outras áreas (designadamente, saúde, ensino, produção estatística, produção de amêijoas e imprensa) e o focal point para o programa LIFE, e o consórcio do projeto (LNEC, Águas do Algarve, Águas do Tejo Atlântico, EHS, EPAL, Faculdade de Ciências e Faculdade de Farmácia da Universidade de Lisboa e Universidade do Algarve). Esta primeira oficina, que contou com 35 participantes, teve como objetivo explorar o problema (ou seja, presença de fármacos nas águas residuais urbanas), promover o debate e a coprodução de um Quadro de Referência Partilhado de dimensões de impacte a considerar durante o projeto. Foi um dia animado com vários exercícios em grupo e seguir-lhe-á uma segunda oficina, a realizar em 2018, para explorar a solução, os resultados e a análise custo-benefício do projeto.

On July 12 2017, the first Collaborative Workshop of the European project LIFE IMPETUS – Improving current barriers for controlling pharmaceutical compounds in urban wastewater treatment plants was held at the LNEC Congress Center. This workshop brought together stakeholders from the water sector and other areas (e.g., health, education, statistical production, clams production and press) and the focal point for the LIFE program, and the project consortium (LNEC, Águas do Algarve, Águas do Tejo Atlântico, EHS, EPAL, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon and University of Algarve). This first workshop, which had 35 participants, aimed to explore the problem (i.e., the presence of drugs in urban wastewaters), to promote the debate and the co-production of a Shared Reference Framework of impact dimensions to consider during the project. It was a lively day with several group exercises and it will be followed by a second workshop, to be held in 2018, to explore the solution, the results and the cost-benefit analysis of the LIFE IMPETUS project.



The Centro de Química e Bioquímica (CQB) day 2017 took place on 31st May 2017 in FCUL, Lisbon, organized by Ana Paula Carvalho, action B3 leader and FCUL team on LIFE IMPETUS.

This event included two invited lectures, one of them presented by Maria João Rosa about “The role of activated carbon technologies for controlling emerging contaminants in water and wastewater treatment”, with a special highlight to the LIFE IMPETUS project, and to LNEC-FCUL partnership.

CQB-day 2017 Book of abstracts

LIFE IMPETUS @ celebration of 25 years of LIFE programme

LIFE IMPETUS @ celebration of 25 years of LIFE programme

The Portuguese celebration of 25 years of LIFE programme took place on 22th May 2017 in the LNEC auditorium, Lisbon. This event was organized by the Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente in cooperation with LNEC.

This event included five sessions during the morning period, namely: opening, the 25 years long contribution of the LIFE programme to the environment; 2017 LIFE call: new aspects and main opportunities; the LIFE in Portugal: the last 25 years and the future of the next 25, closing. The afternoon period included a Match Making session between cofinancers and applicants.

Maria João Rosa (LNEC research group) participated in the round table on “the LIFE in Portugal: the last 25 years and the future of the next 25”. The LIFE IMPETUS project was presented with in a poster, together with other LIFE projects with LNEC’s contribution: LIFE HYMEMB and LIFE AWARE.


LIFE IMPETUS @ EWA Spring Conference 2017

LIFE IMPETUS @ EWA Spring Conference 2017

The EWA Spring Conference 2017 on Sanitation Approaches and Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals took place on 10th-11th May, Lisbon. This scientific meeting was organized by the European Water Association (EWA) and APESB (Portuguese Association for Sanitary and Environmental Engineering) in cooperation with CERIS-IST-UL (Centre for Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability of Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon).

The topics addressed at the event were on-site sanitation and new sanitation approaches, conventional and non-conventional sewer systems, nature based treatment solutions, excreta and treated wastewater reuse and resources recovery, energy efficiency and management in wastewater treatment, and sludge and bio-solids management.

LNEC research group participated with an oral communication entitled “Framework for energy management in small size, decentralized wastewater treatment plants” and a poster with the presentation of the LIFE IMPETUS project.


Lisbon International Centre for Water (LIS-Water) funded by Brussels

LNEC team in LIFE IMPETUS is proud to be part of the LIS-Water

The international reputation of the Portuguese water sector continues to grow. The LNEC application to the European Union H2020 Teaming program for creating an excellence center for water in Portugal, the Lisbon International Centre for Water (LIS-Water), was awarded funding for the 1st stage – result disclosed in March 22nd, the World Water Day.

LIS-Water will be constituted by public and private entities, promoted by LNEC in partnership with several (currently around 40) International and Portuguese institutions, including Crandfield University and Sorbonne, the EU partners in the teaming project.

LIS-Water aims at atracting world  experts, national and foreign, and will focus on the development and dissemination of knowledge on public policy, regulation and management of water resources and urban water services (water, wastewater and stormwater services), based on five pillars: research and innovation – the master pillar; education, training and capacity building, to support the utilites, administration and regulators; business support, incubation and acceleration of start-ups, to support the industry; think tank and strategic advice , to support the policy makers; social engagement, to support the society at large.

The LNEC team in LIFE IMPETUS is proud to be part of this new center of excellence, led by Jaime Melo Baptista (member of LIFE IMPETUS Advisory Council), Helena Alegre, Rafaela Matos and Maria João Rosa. The LIFE IMPETUS outcomes will help build the ground for many of its pillars.

LIFE Impetus in CFIS-Ecopharma networking

LIFE IMPETUS participated in the networking event “Current and future trends in the monitoring and control of emerging pollution in the water cycle”, held in Santiago de Compostel, Spain, gathering representatives of different projects in the field of monitoring, control and treatment of emerging pollutants in the integrated water cycle.

During the event, besides LIFE IMPETUS, several projects were presented and discussed, namely the CFIS-Ecopharma project, LIFE EMPORE, WaterNanoEnv, Sea-on-a-chip, BRAAVOO and SeMPAC.

The objective of the event was to know different projects encompassed in this subject addressed from different perspectives: real-time monitoring, passive samplers, nanotechnology, treatment systems and control tools. The event favored networking among the projects involved in order to establish future work needs on the issue of emerging pollutants, in anticipation of possible changes in legislation at the community level.

To conclude the day, a round table was held on the present and future of the issue of emerging pollutants in the water cycle with representatives of companies, research centers and technology centers: National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) , Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia, Iberian International Nanotechnology Laboratory, Levante Technological Laboratories, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas and Cetaqua Galicia.


LIFE IMPETUS @ 17th ENaSB (2016)

LIFE IMPETUS was present at the 17th ENASB – Environmental and Sanitary Engineering Meeting, held last 14-16 September in Guimarães. On top of being presented in two oral communications, LNEC had a LIFE dedicated stand for disseminating LIFE Hymemb, LIFE aWARE and LIFE IMPETUS.

TStand in ENaSB_Guimaraes_Sept 2016 (2)he ENaSB – National Meeting on Environmental and Sanitary Engineering is a reference biennial event for the water sector in Portugal, and the 2016 edition involved 350 participants and many top-level decision-makers (incl. 2 ministers (environment and economy), 1 state-secretary (environment)). Seven LIFE IMPETUS members from LNEC (4), AdA (1), EPAL (1), FFUL (1) and UALG (1) attended this event and supported/promoted the project dissemination.