LNEC team in LIFE IMPETUS is proud to be part of the LIS-Water

The international reputation of the Portuguese water sector continues to grow. The LNEC application to the European Union H2020 Teaming program for creating an excellence center for water in Portugal, the Lisbon International Centre for Water (LIS-Water), was awarded funding for the 1st stage – result disclosed in March 22nd, the World Water Day.

LIS-Water will be constituted by public and private entities, promoted by LNEC in partnership with several (currently around 40) International and Portuguese institutions, including Crandfield University and Sorbonne, the EU partners in the teaming project.

LIS-Water aims at atracting world  experts, national and foreign, and will focus on the development and dissemination of knowledge on public policy, regulation and management of water resources and urban water services (water, wastewater and stormwater services), based on five pillars: research and innovation – the master pillar; education, training and capacity building, to support the utilites, administration and regulators; business support, incubation and acceleration of start-ups, to support the industry; think tank and strategic advice , to support the policy makers; social engagement, to support the society at large.

The LNEC team in LIFE IMPETUS is proud to be part of this new center of excellence, led by Jaime Melo Baptista (member of LIFE IMPETUS Advisory Council), Helena Alegre, Rafaela Matos and Maria João Rosa. The LIFE IMPETUS outcomes will help build the ground for many of its pillars.