LIFE Impetus @ Encontro Desafios da Água

On the 1st and 2nd of March 2018, Águas do Algarve organized the meeting Desafios da Água ( which brought together more than 30 experts to discuss current issues of unquestionable importance to the water sector and to the environmental education. About 500 participants attended the event, from water utilities, municipalities, universities, technology centers and companies, utilities. Desafios da Água presented seven thematic sessions with invited speakers, including Maria João Rosa (Life Impetus project coordinator) and António Martins (AdA team leader in the LIFE Impetus project), which talked about LIFE IMPETUS in their presentations on water reuse and AdA innovation projects, respectively. The younger ones were entitled to a space that was dedicated to them at the meeting Desafios da Água, with a set of initiatives aimed especially at students from 1st cycle to high school This event accommodated technology demonstrations and presentations of research, development and innovation projects, such as the LIFE Impetus project.