LIFE Impetus project welcomes students’ visits

LIFE Impetus project invites students, from young children to university students, to visit the Urban Water Unit (NES) of the Hydraulics and Environment Department (DHA) and to learn about the LIFE Impetus project, the problem and the solutions targeted.
These visits start with a brief description of NES and UQTA (the Water Quality and Treatment Laboratory) research activity, particularly on the water quality analyses (e.g. pharmaceutical compounds) and water treatment technologies. Participants visit the lab facilities, see 1-2 demonstrations of water analysis or treatment experiment, and are introduced to the ongoing R&D projects. LIFE Impetus is always on the spot light and catch the visitors’ curiosity and interest.

Colégio Valsassina visit,
12th grade Students,
Visit of students of Environmental Engineering graduation of the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), School of Agriculture, 02.11.2017