LIFE IMPETUS @ Caminho da Inovação’18 – Expo & Networking

On 26th of September 2018, Águas do Tejo Atlântico (AdTA) hosted the second edition of “O Caminho da Inovação” (The Innovation Pathway’18 – Expo & Networking), an event dedicated to innovation on water sector. In addition to the presentations and panel discussions, the event involved about 50 entities, from municipalities, utilities, research institutes and technology companies, who accepted the challenge and brought their latest projects to the EXPO & NETWORKING session. This event was attended by 400 participants from various areas and nationalities and was focused on the innovation of water management, treatment and energy. The live streaming of the sessions was viewed by 300 spectators in the morning and more than 200 spectators in the afternoon.

The LIFE Impetus had a special session untitled “LIFE Impetus: Control of pharmaceutical compounds in WWTPs” where it was possible to present the LIFE Impetus project and its progress. The LIFE Impetus was also present on the EXPO & NETWORKING session.