WEX Global 2019 award for “Innovation in Technology”

LNEC and FCUL received the WEX Global 2019 award for “Innovation in Technology” for the environmental-friendly production of novel activated carbons from pine nut residues and their application for enhanced removal of pharmaceutical compounds in urban wastewater treatment plants, developed within LIFE Impetus project.

The awardees are Ana Paula Carvalho and Ana Sofia Mestre, of Centro de Química e Bioquímica and Centro de Química Estrutural of Faculdade de Ciências of Universidade de Lisboa, and Maria João Rosa, Rui Viegas and Elsa Mesquita, of the Urban Water Unit of the Hydraulics and Environment Department of LNEC.

The prize was awarded by an international, cross-sector panel of experts in the water and energy sectors during the WEX Global 2019 – Applying Intelligence to the Circular Economy in Water & Energy conference, held in Gaia, Portugal, last 4-6 March.

This key, prestigious award, assigned to recent water projects with a circular economy component, recognises outstanding usage, manufacture or production of innovative products, materials or technologies which are providing substantial benefits to the world’s water needs.

Read more at https://www.wex-global2019.com/wex-global-awards-2019/