LIFE Impetus on the road

From May to July 2019, the LIFE Impetus team presented some of the project’s results in six conferences across Europe and the USA. The name of the events, the presentations and their authors is presented below:

  • SETAC Europe 29th Annual Meeting (Helsinki, Finland) – “Occurrence and seasonal variation of pharmaceutical compounds from four therapeutical classes in the influents of two Portuguese wastewater treatment plants” (Rodrigues JA, Silva S, Cardoso VV, Cardoso ME, Coelho MR, Benoliel MJ, Almeida CMM) – 20-30 May 2019
  • CQE Days Spring Meeting 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal) – “Novel environmental-friendly activated carbons for enhanced pharmaceuticals removal from wastewaters: contributions of LIFE IMPETUS project” (Mestre AS, Viegas RMC, Mesquita E, Rosa MJ, Carvalho AP) – 30 May 2019
  • IWA Water Reuse 2019 (Berlin, Germany) – “Modelling and predicting the potential application of new waste-derived activated carbons for controlling pharmaceutical compounds in conventional wastewater treatment” (Viegas RMC, Mesquita E, Campinas M, Mestre AS, Carvalho AP, Rosa MJ) – 16-20 June 2019
  • Carbon 2019 (Kentucky, USA) – “Engineered activated carbons for improved recalcitrant pharmaceuticals removal during urban wastewater treatment: LIFE Impetus project” (Mestre AS, Andrade MA, Viegas RMC, Mesquita E, Rosa MJ, Carvalho AP) – 14-19 July 2019
  • Satellite Symposium to CARBON 2019 – Beyond Adsorption Symposium II (New York, USA) – “Key parameters for activated carbon adsorption of pharmaceutical compounds from wastewater” (Mestre AS, Viegas RMC, Mesquita E, Andrade MA, Rosa MJ, Carvalho AP) – 20 July 2019
  • Serea19 (Lisbon, Portugal) – “Estratégias de reforço físico-químico com carvão ativado em pó para controlo de fármacos em ETAR” (Viegas RM, Mesquita E, Martins A, Rosa MJ) – 15-17 July 2019